The first 3 short video blogs have been shot and are in the edit suite.

The first 3 locations were all down along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia.
Aireys Inlet, Hopetoun Falls & The 12 Apostles National Park.

It was a hectic rush to get them shot and done as we didn't have much time, have sure learnt from our mistakes so the next batch should be a bit more in depth once we decide on the next location.

Hope you enjoy them when they come out 6th September 2017.

SIGMA 14mm 1.8 ART

I have now got the new released Sigma 14mm 1.8 ART Lens.
It is great!
I am loving the weight and build quality, it is exceptional. The images you get from it are amazing. I have tested it doing a little bit of astrophotography and the starts are very crisp and doesn't seem to have any softening around the edge of the image which is truly fantastic.

I will have more in the future on this lens, now I am just waiting on the filter holder from NiSi.

You can see the shots I have taken in the Landscape gallery.


The dream trip of heading to Iceland for a few weeks is now a go!
Early October I will be flying over to the land of fire & ice to photograph its amazing landscapes. I have images in mind that I want to capture and hopefully I can pull them off and the conditions are perfect.
After Iceland I am making a trip to Italy for some pretty exciting news which I can't say much about until October unfortunately...


I was selected by Wix as 1 of 3 people out of 100 Million to celebrate their 100 Million Users by making a video about my photography and my Wix website.


Landscape photographers! Looks like Sigma is about to bring out a new 14mm 1.8 lens! Apparently its sharp from middle to the edges, I will be looking into this when it comes out. I have been waiting for a prime lens to purchase, could this be it?

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