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Photography prints information of James’ landscape photography of Australia,  New Zealand, USA, South Africa, Iceland.

Producing prints on Fujiflex and different framing options, the landscape photography really pops on all the options James’ provides.

Printed on Fujiflex unless otherwise requested.



Not technically a paper, this thin plastic material has unbelievable exposure accuracy combined with an increased saturation range. The most outstanding property of this material is its mirror-like, super glossy smoothness that makes any type of image look its best.
The only problem with all this "glossy-ness", is how easy it is to damage the surface, so make sure you always wear fresh, clean gloves when you handle your prints, or add our Polycarbonate high-gloss laminate if you need permanent protection, however a small amount of the glossy smooth effect is lost with this laminating.
In short, this material may be difficult to handle and expensive, but the final result is amazing.

Get a quote on the photographic art you are after by hitting the 'Get Quote' button below, mention the name of the image you are enquiring about. If there is an image you have seen on Instagram, just let me know and it can be made available for print.

32" PRINT - $400AU  UNFRAMED  /   $899 FRAMED
42" PRINT - $600AU  UNFRAMED  /   $1399 FRAMED
50" PRINT - $800AU  UNFRAMED  /   $1799 FRAMED

*Shipping not included in price.


It is then framed using high quality mat boards and wood molding, ready to hang.

30mm x 20mm wood molded frame, 6cm mat board.

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