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James Smart Travel Blog - Sea Turtle Photo Book

May 4th 2023

I will try and keep these reasonable short as I know attention spans are quite short :)

My upcoming photo book based on the sea turtles at Heron Island, located in the Southern Great Barrier Reef in Queensland is an exciting project that is sure to hopefully be enjoyable reading about these amazing creatures.

Heron Island is renowned for its pristine waters and diverse marine life, and the sea turtles that call this island home are among the most beloved and fascinating.

Through vivid photographs, readers will feel transported to the island's sandy shores and crystal-clear waters to witness the daily lives of sea turtles up close.

Green Sea Turtle diving down to feed on the coral.

Green Sea Turtle feeding on coral.

In addition to showcasing the natural beauty of these creatures, I am trying to include issues to highlight the conservation efforts being made to protect sea turtles and their habitats.

With climate change and human activities threatening the delicate balance of marine ecosystems, it is more important than ever to raise awareness and advocate for the protection of these vulnerable species.

Early morning swim to try and capture some beautiful light coming through the water.

This will also be a photo book with how I photograph the Sea Turtles. From the settings on each image, to the gear I use to capture them.

After heading to Heron Island a number of times, it is now time to start building the photo book, and focusing on the layout. I think one more trip to collect some more images of these amazing creatures may be in order, but we will wait and see. I know I haven't go enough of the hatchlings which has been quite frustrating, they just didn't come out at the right time of day for when I was there during hatchling season. My thoughts are that this maybe be a multiple volume book so I can keep going back to visit the amazing place right on the southern great barrier reef.

Cheers guys, see you next time! James


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